Geneva Dance Events Association

Geneva Dance Events was founded in November 2015 as a platform to promote the growth of public enjoyment and understanding of classical ballet and contemporary dance through the transfer of knowledge about ballet during the educational process in our schools of ballet where we teach not only young children but also adults who are interested in ballet in Geneva and throughout Switzerland.

Ballet lesson for children
Harmonious development
of your child
Ballet classes
for the adults
It is a way to stay in great
shape, body and mind
Private ballet
The classes are in English,
French and Russian

The school focuses on classical dance

École de ballet de Vladimir Ippolitov is based on the best traditions of teaching classical dance on the Vaganova method

Pupils will get acquainted with the versatility of classical ballet heritage and the innovation of contemporary choreography.

This is a completely unique project, not only for Geneva, but also for the whole of Switzerland.

To achieve the best possible results, student groups are small

Group for children: 3 years old, 4−5 years old, 6−8 years old
Ballet class for the adults

Vladimir Ippolitov, director and founder of the ballet school in Geneva

Vladimir Ippolitov studied at the St. Petersburg Academy of Russian ballet named after A. Vaganova. He worked with the most prestigious international ballet companies: the Mariinsky Theatre in St. Petersburg, the Opera National de Bordeaux, the Ballet company of the Grand Theatre de Genève where he was a soloist. Vladimir regularly produces unique events, which allow him to share his love for classical and modern ballet drawing audiences both locally and internationally.

Under his leadership, the Geneva Dance Events company constantly organizing famous gala concerts featuring international ballet stars — WORLD BALLET STARS.

The opening of the École de ballet de Vladimir Ippolitov in Switzerland is a new milestone in Geneva’s cultural life.

École de ballet de Vladimir Ippolitov is:

  • Individual approach to each student, taking into account his experience and physical abilities.
  • Classes are conducted in a friendly game-like atmosphere. Children will absolutely love attending them.
  • Ballet class for adults is perfect for those who want to be in great shape and refresh in elegance.
  • Privet lessons. Creation of your dance, wedding dance, etc. according to your desire. Individual approach, convenient time for you.

10 reasons to take ballet lessons with us:

  1. Unique teaching methods by Vaganova. Proven results. Thanks to our time-tested training system, students show great results without overstraining or damaging their health.
  2. Professional teachers, soloists from the world leading theaters.
  3. Unique opportunities. Several times a year, students have the chance to participate in exclusive workshops with the global ballet stars, visit the back stage and the costume atelier at the Grand Theater of Geneva.
  4. To attend the WORLD BALLET STARS Gala concert with the international ballet stars as a VIP guest.
  5. Individual approach to each student.
  1. Professional teachers with experience in the world’s leading theaters.
  2. A unique teaching methodology for the development of plasticity and flexibility, strengthening muscles and posture.
  3. Acquaintance with the history of ballet, costumes and decorations.
  4. For maximum results, we recruit small groups of 10 students.
  5. To start the ballet classes are available to everyone. Begin to learn ballet student can with zero experience.

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Answers to frequently asked questions

Do you offer a free trial class?
Yes. At our ballet school, we understand the importance of choosing the right activity for your child. That’s why we offer the first trial class free. This is an excellent opportunity for your child to experience the beauty and discipline of ballet in practice, without any commitments.
If a student gets sick and cannot attend school, will it be compensated?
The school does not refund payments for missed classes. Students must attend at least 80% of classes during the school year. In case of illness, a medical certificate must be provided to the administration.
Can boys also attend our school?
Absolutely! Ballet schools welcome boys with open arms. The presence of male dancers adds dynamism and diversity to the art of ballet. Boys in ballet schools not only master the technical aspects of ballet but also develop discipline, coordination, and artistic expression.
What clothing and hairstyle are required for classes?
For our dress code, we typically require students to wear appropriate dance attire, such as leotards, tights, and ballet shoes. As for hairstyle, we recommend that students securely tie their hair in a bun or another style that keeps it away from the face and neck.
Do you organize concerts/spectacles with student participation?
At our ballet school, we take pride in giving our students opportunities to showcase their talent and efforts through concerts and spectacles. These performances not only celebrate the progress and achievements of our dancers but also allow them to experience the thrill of performing on stage.
Do you accept everyone or is there a selection process?
We accept everyone into our ballet school, without any selection process or auditions. We believe in the power of dance to enrich lives, welcoming people of all ages and genders. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced dancer, you’ll find a supportive environment to flourish in.
Can I register at any time of the year?
Our ballet school accepts registrations throughout the year, ensuring that you can start your journey into the world of ballet whenever it suits you best.

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