The first School of Russian Ballet for children

The first School of Russian Ballet opens in Switzerland for children ages 4+

The first School of Russian Ballet in Geneva Small groups of children
Vladimir Ippolitov - the Head of the regional school in Geneva The first class is free
The Kasok Ballet School Reviews
The first School of Russian Ballet in Switzerland The Ballet School for children in Switzerland The first School of Russian Ballet for boys and girls ages 4+

The ballet classes offered in Geneva are all children need to develop plasticity and flexibility, as well as strengthen their muscles and posture. Ballet at an early age leads to balanced development as your child grows up.

The classes are held in Russian.


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Young children

Young children

Boys and girls from 4 to 5 years old

Intermediate children

Intermediate children

Boys and girls from 6 to 7 years old

Older children

Older children

Boys and girls from 8 to 9 years old

Meet Vladimir Ippolitov, the Head of the regional school in Geneva

After graduating from the Vaganova Academy of Russian Ballet, Vladimir was invited to perform at the Mariinsky Theater. After four years of dancing in St. Petersburg, Vladimir became the First Soloist at the Bordeaux National Theater, and then the Principal Dancer at Grand Théâtre de Genève.

Mr. Ippolitov has been a driving force in the cultural life of Geneva in recent years. Under his leadership, the Geneva Dance Events company has organized several popular gala concerts featuring international ballet stars from the Bolshoy, Mariinsky and other top theaters around the world (the next star concert is scheduled for November 2018).

The opening of the first School of Russian Ballet in Switzerland is a new milestone in Geneva’s cultural life. Designed around Vladimir’s vision, the school focuses on classical dance. This is a unique project not just for Geneva, but for all of Switzerland.

The School of Russian Ballet in Geneva is:

• Extensive work experience. Since 2011, the Kasok Ballet School has been a part of St. Petersburg, Irkutsk, Samara and Geneva, holding workshops, intensive courses, and organizing an annual ballet camp on the Black Sea.

• Classes conducted in a friendly game-like atmosphere. Children will absolutely love attending them.

• Groups formed based on age and experience. Groups are also available for beginners.

• Unique opportunities. Several times a year, students have the chance to participate in special workshops and recitals in Switzerland.

• Proven results. Thanks to our time-tested training system, students show great results without overstraining or damaging their health.

Ballet classes for children

Classical dance:

Address #1: rue Vermont 18, 1202 Genève, Suisse
Young children (4−5) — Mondays 17:15−18:15 and Fridays 17:15−18:15.
Intermediate children (6−7) — Mondays 17:15−18:15 and Fridays 17:15−18:15.
Older children (8−9) — Mondays 17:15−18:15 and Fridays 17:15−18:15.

Address #2: «Родная Школа», Chemin des Plantaz 11 A -1260 Nyon
Intermediate children (6−7 лет) — Wednesday 18:15−19:15.
Older children (8−9 лет) — Thursday 17:15−18:15.

  1. Lessons are conducted in accordance with the Unified Study Program
  2. Refunds for classes missed because of illness
  3. Learn elements of classical dance
  4. Floor exercises to develop flexibility and plasticity, and also strengthen muscles

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